A Few Past Exhibits

Public Library
Springfield, Illinois


Cafe Java
Galesburg, Illinois


Heritage Behavioral Center
Store Front Windows
Decatur, Illinois


Student Center
University of Missouri
Columbia, Missouri


Prairie Art Alliance Gallery
Springfield, Illinois


Public Library
Champaign, Illinois


Past Exhibit Venues

As Exhibit Titled "Visual Impressions of the Baha'i Faith"

July 1995, Heartland Baha'i School, Knox College, Galesburg Illinois

August 1995, Chamber of Commerce Office, City of Rushville Illinois

April 1996, Main Branch, Springfield Public Library

As Exhibit Titled ‘The Garden of Humanity'

January 1998, Main Branch, Springfield Public Library

February 1998, Public Affairs Auditorium Lobby, University of Illinois at Springfield
Invited as part of Black History Month by African American Student Association

May 1998, the piece ‘The Oneness of Mankind' jury selected as piece for Liturgical and Sacred Arts exhibit, Springfield Art Association

September 1998, Prairie Art Alliance Gallery, as featured artist of the month

November-January 1998, Café Java Coffee House, Galesburg Illinois

January-March 1999, Black Culture Center, University of Missouri at Columbia
Invited as part of Black History Month

June 1999, Springfield Baha'i Center, as part of the annual Race Unity Rally

August-October 1999, Methodist Medical Center, Peoria Illinois

January 2000, Main Branch Public Library, Champaign, Illinois

January-April 2001, Heartland Behavior Health store front windows, Decatur, Illinois

February-March 2002, Illinois Presbyterian Home Gallery, Springfield Illinois 

What People Said About
The ‘Garden of Humanity' Exhibit

From Bill Weites, Auxiliary Board Member

"Thank you so much for sending me the article "At One With Art" and other materials. This is another one of the many signs that indicate the process of entry by troops is advancing! It is particularly heartening to see how you have been able to use art in promoting the Faith. This is a wonderful feat in itself but it is doubly blessed in that you also address the issue of the oneness of mankind through your art. I thank you for this great service you are accomplishing and pray for you. Please keep me informed of your continued activities."

From Marcia Gitchel, Auxiliary Board Member 

"It is really inspiring to hear of Bahá' s whose art is being recognized in these types of venues- the impact on the individuals who view your work will surely become noticeable over time....in the ways that the great "mysterious forces at work in the world" move the hearts and inspire the souls."

From the Regional Bahá' Council of the Central States

"The Council wises to congratulate you on the showing of your exhibit of paintings, drawings, and Prints in Galesburg Illinois. The principle of the Oneness of Mankind is an outstanding theme on which to focus the use of the arts... May your art work be a means of attracting seekers to their Beloved."

From the Peoria Illinois Local Spiritual Assembly

" You have a very thought-provoking, visual and sensory approach to teaching the Faith. We all pray for your continued success in planting the seeds!"

From the Decatur Illinois Local Spiritual Assembly

"On behalf of the Decatur Bahá' Community, I would like to thank you for your recent Presentation of "The Garden of Humanity" at the Decatur Public Library. We are pleases to have the art display in Decatur and appreciated the opportunity to have you show the slides and give people the chance to meet the artist."

"There have been several positive comments about the display at the Heritage Behavioral Heath Center. The pictures are noticed every day.

"Thank you very much for helping proclaim the Faith in Decatur."